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was in the past five years because teeth in Vietnam, an implant plays an important role in helping your implants stay strong and healthy. Proper hygiene will reduce the pain, swelling, bleeding after surgery should limit inflammation around the implant increases the success rate of implants services. So how to take care teeth to be more better and bring high efficiency? Treatment and prevention of bleeding when brushing In the context of this article, I will refer only to bleeding when brushing teeth due to oral diseases such as gingivitis, periarteritis. To treat bleeding when brushing the cause of gingivitis, follow these steps. Each brush must last for at least a minute. Appropriate brushing method, vertical toothbrush, brushing and all teeth. Should use soft bristle brush, do not brush too strong, do not brushing horizontally.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Dental Care After performed Implant surgery teeth

How to eat Exposure to clinical patients with a second initial sign of correlation between maxillary

About 1 hour after surgery, you should not eat food or drink anything. One week after implant, you should eat soft and liquid foods such as soups, porridge, … chew slowly and gently; In the days that followed you can eat normally, but avoid foods that are too stiff, too tough, flexible or hot such as chewing stones, chewing bones, coconut candy and avoiding bones in food stabbing or falling into a new place grafting. What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

When drinking water, drink warm water, filtered water, fruit juices and do not use straws because the straws are moving easily into the transplant. In particular, you absolutely should not smoke or drink alcohol 2 weeks before implants and 2-4 weeks after transplantation to be able to successfully implant and maxillofacial maxillofacial implants combined with complex prosthetic treatment but singleton treatment regimen and postcolonial restoration It is important to distinguish the age of the patient and the age of missing teeth.

Dental hygiene after implant Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

After implant surgery, the patient needs to clean his or her mouth with a clean, healthy tooth and no cavities after the implant. You should floss after each meal so that you can clean the area around the teeth, the front, the back of the abutment, the teeth. When brushing your teeth, use a soft brush, such as a brush, with a special brush. In addition, you should use saline mouthwash to clean teeth, anti-root stomatitis.

On the first 2 nights after dental implants, when lying down you should knee high to help the wound heal quickly and the teeth will heal faster. In particular, you should control the unconscious grinding during sleep by wearing chew chewing teeth to both implant is not affected.  Dental tourim in Vietnam

In the days after implants implant, in the oral cavity you will feel uncomfortable but you should not spit continuously because it will affect the results of surgery. Do not use your tongue to push your teeth or clench your hands to avoid the risk of an infected wound.

You need to take regular medication prescribed by your doctor so that the wound heals. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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