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The husband and wife are teeth in Vietnam?

The husband and wife are  teeth in Vietnam? , decay is the crowding of the teeth. Stomach teeth are eaten black, worn out, long worn out of the crown, only the dull root close to the gums, but no pain at all. Toothbrushes occur in very good hygiene. Top 4 causes of broken teeth and how to overcome the disease Broken teeth not only affect the chewing function but also cause you to lose confidence in daily communication. The following doctor I-DENT will share with you the top 4 causes of broken teeth and how to overcome the disease. Broken teeth are not uncommon but there are many cases where you do not feel the damage to your teeth until the teeth break large pieces.

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Teeth are weakened, cannot eat hard food and can be sensitive to teeth … affect the weight, health due to not provide adequate nutrition. To limit, before going to bed you should clean baby mouth, restrict bottle feeding baby, water and sweet food. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

The main cause of child tooth grinding can be due to the level of calcium in the teeth is not perfect, the tooth enamel is thin so it is susceptible to bacteria attack. And even if pregnant, if the mother ate calcium deficiency, leading to tooth enamel weakened so it is easy to squeeze. Therefore, there are cases where the baby does not use more sweets, but the teeth are vulnerable to deep, weak and gradually. nha khoa ident

Child teeth whitening, you should not be too worried, especially if your child is teeth age. Mothers should help the baby form the habit of brushing properly and often to keep the teeth clean, preventing the ingestion of tight. Parents should keep in mind that children should not brush their teeth with toothpaste and should take them to the dentist every six months. vietnam dentist prices

Children should be taken to a dental clinic for consultation and counseling. Depending on the level of teeth and health status of the teeth, the doctor will help children overcome the teeth effectively and safely. Avoid ingrowing your baby’s permanent teeth.

Cause, baby teeth are more susceptible to tooth decay permanently because the nature of the teeth is less mineral minerals, but easier to lose minerals and when the tooth depth is faster than permanent teeth. It may be caused by a child born. trồng răng nha khoa ident implant

The cause is usually due to bad oral hygiene, baby latch and bottle before and while sleeping, sugar in milk cannot be eliminated. When the tooth is deep, it will permanently affect the teeth.

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